Orfium partners with PRS to expand Music Licensing in Africa

This week, we announced our partnership with PRS for Music, the leading music rights organization. This collaboration is set to revolutionize the music industry in Africa as PRS expands its licensing coverage to music users based in Africa supported by Orfium’s licensing and technology infrastructure. This will provide access to tens of millions of works, including many of the most successful songs and compositions of today and the last century.  The thriving African music industry is set to experience a boost in innovation, efficiency, and growth through this collaboration, which will ultimately benefit the talented songwriters, composers, and publishers across the continent as well as the music users.

Orfium will be licensing the PRS repertoire and providing the technology infrastructure needed to efficiently serve the African music market. The partnership marks a significant milestone, paving the way towards equitable remuneration for talented songwriters, composers, and publishers across Africa for their creative work.

This partnership is expected to bring about significant benefits including increased speed to market for music creators, improved music discovery, as well as cost efficiencies

An exciting aspect of this partnership is the expansion of PRS for Music’s Major Live Concert Service, the royalty collection service for large concerts, which will now be available for events held across Africa. This is a significant step in expanding the global reach of PRS for Music’s services and supporting music creators in Africa. 

In addition to PRS’s existing agreement with SAMRO, the collecting society based in South Africa, the partnership with Orfium will provide a framework for PRS members to be paid when their works are used in some of the world’s fastest-growing music markets. This is a crucial development that ensures songwriters, composers, and publishers are fairly compensated for their music across the African continent.

“We’re incredibly excited to partner with PRS for Music. Orfium exists to support and improve the global entertainment ecosystem so that creators everywhere can be paid fairly for their work. Over the last three years, we have invested heavily in building a state-of-the-art rights management platform to support our partners in the licensing and remuneration of music rights in the entertainment industry. Orfium looks forward to working with PRS as their trusted partner to support this incredible region and contributing to Africa’s future as a high-growth music market.” Rob Wells, CEO, Orfium

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