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Frequently Asked Questions - F.A.Q.

Below you can find answers to some of the most common questions regarding Orfium. If your question isn't listed above, please feel free to contact us at and we will be quick to respond!

Q: What is Orfium?
A: Orfium is a social music marketplace that offers artists promotional and monetization services. Our philosophy is that artists should always control how their music is consumed and distributed, and our goal is to create the most efficient marketplace for music.
Q: What services does Orfium offer?
A: Orfium offers retail sales, YouTube monetization, micro licensing, royalty-free licensing, derivative works monetization, 3rd party distribution, and publishing. Each service can be opted-in/out on a track-by-track basis at any time with no long-term contracts and all of our services are on a non-exclusive basis (except for YouTube which requires exclusivity).
Q: What can I do to help you guys?
A: If you like our philosophy and what we are trying to do then spread the word! The more that people start using Orfium, the more it will become a viable solution to put artists in control of the music business and force other service providers to change for the better. Post about us on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, other social media sites, and blogs and news sites. Also feedback is always welcome and appreciated. We are constantly making updates to improve the site. Most of the large bricks and stones have been laid, and now the craftsmen are working on the fine details as we move towards a polished product. If you have any ideas to help, please contact us at
Q: How much does Orfium Pay out to artists?
A: Orfium pays out 80% of net revenue to artists. Orfium only takes a commission of 20% when your content generates revenue. There are never upfront costs.
Q: If I belong to a Performance Right Society/Organization (such as ASCAP, BMI, SESAC), can I still upload my music to Orfium?
A: Yes, by agreeing to the Content Provider Agreement (Upload Agreement) and submitting content via the platform you grant us a direct license to perform your content on the platform. In certain situations a PRO may require that you provide the PRO with notice if you are granting public performance rights to another party. If you have an agreement with a PRO that includes such a provision, you are responsible for providing such notice to the PRO. As a result, you may wish to contact your PRO to determine if you are able to enter into a direct license with Orfium. Also in the case of complex assets where the master recording and publishing rights are controlled by separate parties, we may make payments directly to the PROs for you if desired.
Q: If I have contracts with record labels, publishers, and other parties, can I still upload?
A: In short, yes by default we do allow any artist who has the proper rights to upload directly. You may be required to report to or provide account access to whomever you have contracts with, which you can do this in your account settings by adding managers to your account. We designed our terms to be as flexible as possible in order to support 3rd party contracts so you can easily carve out individual monetization options as needed to accommodate any of your deals. You can opt-in/out of individual services at any time on a per-track basis. There are no long-term contracts and all services are offered non-exclusively whenever possible (except YouTube Monetization since YouTube requires exclusivity).

Alternatively if your record label deal restricts you from uploading directly then let your label know that we have label accounts they can use to upload on your behalf. If you use a digital distributor, we also have an inbound pipeline for distributors to upload which we can be linked directly to your profile page so your music will appear the same as if you uploaded it.
Q: How much does it cost to join Orfium?
A: Joining Orfium is free! Orfium only makes money when your content generates revenue through one of our services. We will never charge you upfront, and we only receive a portion of revenue when we add value for you.
Q: Does my music need to be exclusive to Orfium?
A: No, all of our services are licensed on a non-exclusive basis. The only service we require an exclusive license for is YouTube content monetization (which is a requirement of YouTube). Additionally, you can opt-in and out of each service at any time on a track-by-track basis. There are no long-term contracts.
Q: How do I import my music from SoundCloud?
A: To import your music from SoundCloud, you will first need to make sure your music you want to migrate from SoundCloud is enabled for download (you can do this in your SoundCloud account settings). Next you will need to create an account on Orfium, which you can do here:

Once you have an Orfium account, and are signed in, click on the large green 'Upload' Button at the top of the webpage. Then click 'SoundCloud Import' and follow the instructions on the page.
Q: Can I charge for my music?
A: Yes. Our philosophy is that artists should always control how their music is consumed and distributed. Artists decide if their music will be free or if they charge for it. Artists will also have total control of setting the price of their music. When you upload music you can specify your monetization settings in the monetization settings section.
Q: Why does Orfium require a verified PayPal account or government ID if I want to sell my music?
A: Orfium has this policy in place to both to ensure that the person trying to monetize the music is in fact the rights holder and also in certain cases for tax reporting purposes. We take piracy very seriously and want to do everything we can to protect artists. Note that this is only required if you wish to sell music or verify the authenticity of your uploads to be able to dispute copyright notices. If you already have a verified PayPal account, that is the easiest method of verification, otherwise you can securely upload a copy of your government issued photo ID.
Q: How do I get a label account?
A: To have your account upgraded to a multi-artist label account, you will first need to create a regular account, which you can do here:

Once you have created an account, and are signed in, you will need to fill out the label account application, which you can access here:

Each artist who you wish to add to your label will need their own account. You can invite them via your record label account to join your label, which will then allow you to control the content on their profile as well as give you access to their earnings reports.
Q: How do I add existing songs to an album?
A: When you are signed in, click the ‘Upload’ button at the top of the webpage. Next, select ‘Upload an Album.’ Fill out the Album information. Then select the desired previously upload tracks that you wish to add to your new album.
Q: How do I increase the exposure of my music?
A: The best way to create awareness and get your music played is to be active on Orfium. Post your thoughts, share your music on social media, and listen and comment on music on Orfium. Make sure to use the social sharing buttons to one-click share your music to Facebook, Twitter, and Social Media. Also use the embedded player code to showcase your music on your website and in blog posts.
Q: Can I upload a remix?
A: Yes, but Orfium requires you to tag the original tracks so that we can determine who to pay licensing fees to if necessary. We are also working on solutions to make it easier to license / get permission to use music for remixing through us so that you don't need to worry about trying to get in touch with anyone else.
Q: Some of my music has content that is owned/controlled by a third party (such as a sample, or remix). Can I still upload to Orfium?
A: No, unless you have permission to use the copyrighted material. Orfium does not permit users to upload music in which they do not have expressed permission from the rights holder. We are working on solutions to make it easier to license / get permissions to content directly through us without the need to get in touch with anyone else.
Q: How do I disable downloads?
A: To disable downloads, first log in and go to your profile page (by clicking your name in the top right corner of the website). Next, select 'Edit Track' on the track you wish to modify. Next, select the 'monetization' tab followed by "Advanced Settings" under Monetization. Then, on the 'Consumer Policy' selection, change your preference to 'can't download'. If you also want to disable the ability for users to add the track to a playlist then choose "can't add to playlist/download". Also with either of these settings you can provide an external download/purchase link as these policies were designed to accommodate artist's who prefer to sell their content elsewhere. You will always be able to download your own tracks, even if you disable downloads, however other users will not be able to download if you disable downloads.
Q: How do I grant access to someone else to manage my Orfium account?
A: After you have signed up, and are logged in, click on the option button (the three dots) in the top right hand corner of the webpage. Next select, "Account settings." Then select, "Allow others to manage my account" and enter the username of the person you want to have access. Each Orfium account needs a unique email to be created but you are allowed unlimited managers.
Q: How do I edit or delete a track or album?
A: If you have already published the track/album, go to your profile page (make sure you are logged in) then find the track/album on your profile and click on the title and then you will be directed to the details page. From here you should see an "Edit" button on the top right corner, click it and then you will be able to update the track/album info and settings. You can also delete the track/album from the edit page.
Q: What is the sound quality offered?
A: Both streams and downloads currently have a bitrate of 320 kbps whereas many other services only offer 128 kbps. We are also working on adding a feature that will allow uploaders to make lossless versions of their tracks available for download as well.
Q: How do I add a manager for my account?
A: For each artist/band, you will need to create a profile with a unique email address. Once you are signed in, click on the account menu (the three dots in the top right corner of the webpage). Next, select 'Account Settings.' Then, click 'Add others on Orfium to manage my account.' Then you will need to enter the username of the Orfium account you want to have access. If the person you want to add is not yet on Orfium, then you can enter their email address to invite them. This will then send an invitation to them, which must be accepted by them before they are granted access. Once access has been granted, you can toggle to different accounts by clicking on the small down arrow next your username in the top right hand corner of the webpage.
Q: Will there be an Orfium mobile app?
A: We strive to offer the best experience possible so of course there will be a mobile app. Since we are a small team with limited funds we had to prioritize what to build first and chose to start with a desktop version because we figured that's what most people would use to upload music. Considering what we've been able to create so far we are excited to see what we will be able to do as our team and funds grow including building a killer mobile app.
Q: How does royalty free / micro-licensing work and how do I know which license to purchase?
A: We offer micro-licenses, which are royalty free licenses with three tiers. The threshold for each license is the greater of the production costs plus the advertising budget of the project or the lifetime direct revenue of the project, whichever is greater. If you have many projects please contact us for blanket license options for both micro-licenses and publishing. The first tier is the Standard License and the permitted threshold limit is $2,000. If your combined total production costs and advertising budget exceeds the threshold than you will need to purchase a higher tier. The second tier is the Extended License, which increases the permitted threshold to $10,000. The third tier is the Premium license, which increases the permitted threshold to $50,000. For any project that exceeds the $50,000 threshold, it generally falls under the scope of publishing depending on the nature of the project and we will either work out a custom deal for you if possible otherwise refer you to the artist's publisher if we aren't administering those rights. If you purchase a license and then later exceed the expected threshold, then you are required to return and upgrade to the correct license for the project.
Q: What is the optimal size for the profile cover photo?
A: For the profile cover artwork, we recommend uploading an image with a resolution of 1200x270. Any image uploaded that is larger will be reduced to 1200x270, and any image uploaded that is smaller will be stretched to 1200x270.
Q: How to delete a connected social channel
A: To delete a custom channel link, first visit your profile page. Next, click on 'Update Info' in the banner image of your profile. Then, under the 'About' section, select 'Social Accounts and Pages.' Finally, click the small x next to the connected channel you want to remove.
Q: How do I verify my PayPal Account?
A: To verify your PayPal account, first, log into PayPal. Next, click on the 'Summary' tab at the top. You will need to complete your profile, so click on the 'Get the Most out of PayPal' button. Here, you will need to Here you can confirm your bank account, confirm your email, link a credit card, and confirm your mobile phone number. Once this is complete, you PayPal profile will be verified and you will be able to verify you Orfium Account.
Q: What should I do if I experience a bug or error while uploading?
A: The first thing you should do if you experience any sort of bug or error is keep it where it is and contact us at If the issue occurred while uploading, do not delete the pending upload otherwise we won't be able to investigate it. In order to fix these issues we need to be able to see the error ourselves. Leave the stuck upload in its error state and contact us and then we will look into your account and quickly resolve the problem. Not only does it fix the problem for you, but also other users could be experiencing the issue as well so the more you can cooperate with us to solve these issues, the better Orfium becomes for everyone.
Q: I tried to re-arrange the order of my tracks in an album or playlist but it did not work
A: The reason it appears as if the re-order didn't work is because your browser is caching previous visits. If you go into a private/incognito window you will see the order has changed. You can also refresh the cache and page simultaneously by pressing ctrl + F5. Alternatively you may clear your history and it should appear properly updated in a normal browser window.
Q: If I use a digital distributor and want my music on Orfium, how does that work?
A: We have a direct integration for digital distributors and also we can link the inbound pipeline directly to your profile page so that all uploads by the distributor will appear on your page the same as if uploaded by you. If your distributor is not currently integrated, please put us in touch and we will get them set up. Otherwise if your distributor is integrated already but just need to claim access to the profile they created for you and/or merge it with a profile you've already created, please contact us at
Q: How can I embed music on my website?
A: Currently you can embed tracks, albums, and playlists and we are also planning to expand on this soon. To do this, simply click the "Share" button on the music you want to embed, then click the "<>" icon and the code will appear which you just need to copy and paste into your website. This will make the music playable from your website and will link back to Orfium where your visitors can purchase and license it. If you want to organize and present your music as collections we recommend creating and embedding playlists and/or albums for this purpose.
Q: How do I delete my account?
A: To delete your Orfium account, please send our support team an email at indicating you wish your account to be deleted.
Q: How do I tag other artists and collaborators on a track?
A: On the upload form / edit page for tracks you can tag your collaborators in the artist field. Start typing a name and results matching the text you type will appear automatically for you to choose from. Note that they must be following you for this to work. Once you have tagged a collaborator they will receive a notification invitation which upon accepting will complete the process.
Q: When can I see the results of my earnings?
A: Transactions that take place on the platform are populated immediately in the Earnings Dashboard, but transactions that take place off the platform such as rights management, YouTube Monetization, and distribution are updated 30 days after the close of the month.

For example, April's statement for offsite transactions will be available to view in your dashboard by the end of May.
Q: How do I mark a track as private?
A: To mark a track as private, first go to the Upload Manager ( Then, select the tracks you wish to mark private. Next, click the 'Action' button, then scroll down as select 'Mark as Private.' These tracks will now be private and users on will not be able to see them.
Q: How do I get paid?
A: If you go to your Earnings Dashboard and have a balance, you can request a withdraw from PayPal in your dashboard at anytime. We process payments on Mondays and Thursdays, so the longest your earnings with be transferred within 3 days of your requested payout.

If you live in a country that does not have PayPal, we can send your earnings via Payoneer. To receive a Payoneer payout, please email our support desk ( with the subject line: Payoneer Payout. In the body of the email, please provide the following:

1. Your Orfium username
2. The bank name
3. The routing (ABA) number
4. The account number
5. The account type (checking or savings)
6. The beneficiary name

To find this information in your Payoneer account, under the 'receive' tab, select 'Global Payment Service'. It is essential that you provide the account information associated with the USD account, as Orfium can only send money in US dollars.
Q: Does Orfium support other payment methods besides PayPal?
A: Yes! If you live in a country that does not have PayPal, we can send your earnings via Payoneer. To receive a Payoneer payout, please email our support desk ( with the subject line: Payoneer Payout. In the body of the email, please provide the following:

1. Your Orfium username
2. The bank name
3. The routing (ABA) number
4. The account number
5. The account type (checking or savings)
6. The beneficiary name

To find this information in your Payoneer account, under the 'receive' tab, select 'Global Payment Service'. It is essential that you provide the account information associated with the USD account, as Orfium can only send money in US dollars.
Q: why did Hexacorp claim my YouTube video containing video game footage?
A: The music in your videos belongs to one of our clients for which we represent his music on YouTube. His license to Blizzard did not include the right to monetize his copyrights on YouTube, and any use of his music on YouTube qualifies as an 'out of context' license. This means he has the legal right to claim and monetize all videos on YouTube which include his music.

Your use of our client's music in your videos is, in fact, harmful to him, since he is not being appropriately compensated for the use of his music.

If you look at Blizzard's Video Policy (, under the Fundamental Rule Policy, it states that all uses of Blizzard's content must be limited to non-commercial use. Blizzard has this policy for several reasons, and one of them is that they don't always have 'All-In' licenses from their content.

The good news is that when we place a claim on a video, it has no effect on you being able to keep the video on YouTube. A claim by us only limits your ability to use the Blizzard content in a commercial capacity, which is consistent with Blizzard's Policy. A claim placed by us on your video will never block your ability to keep the video on YouTube, and only allows us to compensate the rights-holder we represent for the use of their copyright.

I hope this cleared up any confusion. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Q: What if I no longer want Orfium to represent my music on YouTube for Content id?
A: If you wish for Orfium to no longer represent your music in Youtube's Content Id, first email us at and let us know you no longer want Orfium to represent your music on YouTube.

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