Wise Music Group doubles YouTube revenue in one year with Orfium

About Wise Music 

Wise Music Group is an international conglomerate of wholly-owned companies and is home to some of the world’s leading independent classical music publishing houses, as well as a number of pop music catalogs. In 2023, they celebrated their golden jubilee; over these 50 years, they have built and acquired over sixty international publishing houses and more than thirty notable imprints, many of which are iconic household names such as Thelonious Monk, David Bowie and The Zombies.

With their extensive repertoire of both commercial and classical music, including a wealth of original samples, Wise Music had previously faced challenges in fully capitalizing on its vast catalog of works due to catalog conflicts and untracked or unclaimed usage. 

In January 2021, Wise Music partnered with Orfium, making a crucial step towards more effectively managing their works on YouTube, streamlining their catalogs and boosting revenues for their artists and songwriters. 

Orfium’s Solution 

Orfium undertook the full management of Wise Music’s YouTube account in the United States to ensure they are optimizing it and maximizing their revenue potential. The services provided by Orfium include:

  • Conflict Management: Orfium organized and updated Wise Music’s rights data, and delivered it to YouTube to ensure all works are tracked and monetized correctly, now and in the future.
  • Claiming & Usage Matching: Orfium employs its cutting-edge, deep learning algorithm and matching technology to track and match Wise Music’s compositions to claim additional royalties from YouTube previously missed.
  • Manual Claiming on YouTube: Orfium’s team of copyright experts utilize proprietary, purpose-built technology to source, prioritize, and place claims on works featuring Wise Music that YouTube’s fingerprinting technology has been unable to find.
  • Data & Reporting: Orfium generates detailed performance reports on the health and performance of the Wise Music catalog, providing full transparency of their account and data to inform their strategy that they didn’t have before.


Wise Music achieved an incredible feat by more than doubling its YouTube revenue in just one year of partnering with Orfium. They have also accomplished 588k recordings matched in just 32 months and resolved 654K conflicts while updating their outstanding catalogs.

We’ve been very impressed with Orfium’s team and technology. They are experts in their field and are constantly working to increase the value of YouTube revenues for our business in the United States. We feel confident knowing they’re managing our CMS to ensure all of our songwriters and artists are getting the most value from their work.

David Holley, CEO, Wise Music Group

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