Cavendish Increases UGC Revenue by 500% in Five Months

Cavendish Music, the UK’s largest independent production music publisher, traces its origins back to 1937 as Boosey & Hawkes Recorded Music Library. As part of the Anthem Entertainment family, Cavendish’s music has made its mark in numerous productions, including major motion pictures, television shows, video games, and commercials.

In January 2023, Cavendish joined forces with Orfium to manage its YouTube administration, streamline its catalog management, and maximize revenues using Orfium’s advanced AI and Machine Learning (ML) technology across UGC platforms.

Cavendish initially teamed up with Orfium on a trial basis to see what impact they could have on their mega-hit ‘Funny Song.’ Despite billions of views and widespread popularity across TikTok, YouTube and other UGC platforms, the numbers weren’t adding up. Cavendish wanted to explore a better YouTube management and monetization strategy, and Orfium was keen to show them what we could do.

After assigning the Funny Song asset to Orfium, Cavendish’s YouTube revenue skyrocketed by 500% within five months. In April alone, Orfium had tripled the revenue generated on ‘Funny Song’ in the whole year prior!

Impressed by the numbers and the communication at every stage of the process, Cavendish moved its entire catalog over to Orfium and they’re seeing positive results across the whole repertoire. Cavendish’s sister companies have now joined Orfium as well.

Orfium’s full management service for Cavendish includes:

Manual Claiming on YouTube: Orfium’s team of copyright experts employs AI and Machine Learning (ML) technology to identify unlicensed usage of “Funny Song” and Cavendish’s other works. They strategically place claims on videos that go undetected by YouTube’s fingerprinting technology. This targeted approach captures the most valuable videos.

Licensing: Leveraging SyncTracker, Cavendish automates the entire licensing process, allowing them to serve creators on YouTube without the need for a lengthy claims process. Orfium enables licenses on a per-video or channel basis, providing reporting and full visibility into the usage of Cavendish’s catalog.

Catalog Management: Orfium uses its RightsCloud technology to optimize Cavendish’s catalog management, metadata, and claiming. We create a comprehensive rights picture for each song, ensuring fully optimized claiming across all territories with the cleanest, most up-to-date metadata available.

Data & Reporting: Orfium generates detailed performance reports, offering Cavendish full visibility into the health and performance of their catalog. With actionable insights, Cavendish can drive more revenue and growth, confident in the knowledge that their catalogs are being managed and monetized correctly.


Within five months of partnering with Orfium for catalog management and licensing, Cavendish experienced remarkable results:

  • 500% increase in Cavendish’s YouTube revenue.
  • Over 400,000 “Funny Song” videos were claimed.
  • Over 2,000 manual claims were placed.
  • 39,062+ licenses were released through SyncTracker.

…and all of this within the first five months of the partnership. Lots more to come.

In Cavendish’s words…

“Orfium took on “Funny Song” at the beginning of January, and by the end of the January statement, we were simply gobsmacked. We have been gobsmacked every single month since then. Orfium has exceeded our expectations, and we are genuinely happy with the partnership.”

Gareth Owen, Managing Director, Cavendish Music

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