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Yannis Saoulis,
was born in Thessaloniki, Greece, on May 1st 1962. At the age of 14 he buys his first bouzouki and teaches himself to play. At the age of 18 he plays and sings professionally. From 1981 till 1986 he studies music theory and oboe at the State Conservatory of Thessaloniki. At the same time, he works as a musician and singer.
In 1986, he immigrates to Holland, to study Philosophy at the University of Utrecht and the University of Amsterdam, Dept. of Political Sciences. In 1991, he takes private classes in singing. During his stay abroad he performs professionally in concerts, social events etc. in Holland, Belgium and Germany. He works with Nikos Ignatiadis (who also lives in Holland at that time) both in concerts and publishing. He participates in many recordings of Greek repertoire (especially with the baritone Pieter Vis). Yannis starts his own label (1992) under the name of "IAN Productions" and works at his own studio. In 1995, he forms the group "Yannis Saoulis & ensemble". Concerts are held in Holland, Belgium. His repertoire includes - mainly - rebetiko, Greek folk music and music from Asia Minor. His first personal album appears in 1995 with the title “San Magemeno” receiving excellent reviews in the Dutch, Belgian, French and British world music magazines, newspapers, TV and radio. It is 1997 and Yannis returns to Thessaloniki. He starts a new label named “Anatoliki Pili” (Eastern Gate) which focuses on traditional music from Eastern Mediterranean cultures. Four years later Yannis immigrates to Istanbul-Turkey. Here continues his music activities by giving concerts, composing and producing score music and records. His co-travelers in this music journey are Greek, Turkish musicians and groups (Melih Kibar, the Black Sea Philharmonic Orchestra –concerts are held in Istanbul, Thessaloniki and Athens, Cyprus-) and Irish musicians like John Sheahan member of the band “The Dubliners”. In 2001 he wrote music for the play of Shakespeare “Troilus and Cressida” -Istanbul Theatre. His music won the Afife Jale and Lions award “Best Theatre Music for the year 2000-2001”. He wrote and produced music for the movies SON of Levent Kirca, Kokkini Pempti of Christos Siopachas, Ayin karanlik yuzu of Biket Ilhan and documentaries.

• Souvenirs from Greece. Instrumentals arr. By Nikos Ignatiadis.
• Giannis view of Greek music. Contemporary Greek songs.
• In Bethlehem Stad. Christmas songs arranged for bouzouki and Church organ and recorded in Tiel Cathedral.
• San Magemeno. A collection of rebetiko, songs from Asia Minor and his own compositions.
• Anatoliki Pili. Vocal and instrumental improvisations on own and others' compositions.
• Kayikci. Music from - and inspired by - the movie "Kayikci".
• Karsi yakadan güldeste. Greek-Turkish poetry.and music pieces composed and produced by Yannis Saoulis
• SON. Soundtrack of the movie SON. Score composed and produced by Yannis Saoulis.
• Kalas Eortas. Greek and Greek-Cypriot Traditional Christmas songs. Music arranged and produced byYannis Saoulis
• Zivania. A collection of folk, rebetiko and songs from Asia Minor performed by men's and women's choir.
• Mousiki gia theamata (Music for Shows). Compilation of Yannis Saoulis's unpublished compositions written for Theatre and Cinema. Arranged and produced by Yannis Saoulis.

In Print
• Exodos. A tribute to Asia Minor with own compositions
• Ta koina. Common Greek-Turkish traditional Songs and compositions of Yannis. Performed in both
Greek and Turkish language by Gorkem Devrim Saoulis and Yannis Saoulis.
• Ta Lyrika. Arrangements on compositions of Mikis Theodorakis.

Thessaloniki, Greece

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