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"If you can have a look in the heart of a black star without becoming mad, you can follow me."

Benoit Berry, producer of Black Venus music, Pulse Radar and Ultreya. Manager @ Archimeme records.
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I am 42, French, started creating music during mid 90's, using an Atari computer and Cubase 2.0

Today I am solo, lucid, and I hope visionary enough to be able to choose my own path, creating new music from digested influences. I just enjoy following what my soul sings to me, without having to refer to one or another. For a long time I've been designing my own definition of success. I am a free-thinker, Sigma, as they say.

However, for those among you who would absolutely need to associate my art with a tendency, you can safely consider that it has evolved from "modernism" to "post-modernism", ultimately to "meta-modernism".

As far as Chronos is concerned :

I released my first vinyl EP as producer on Enjoy Records, a French independant House label, in 1998.

From 2000 to 2003, I worked as independant Dj, to promote my host-label realeases, and in the same time gaining more mixing skills, playing mainly in France and Spain.

I wrote my first solo album in 2006, under the project name "Black Venus", where I explore as far as possible the hypnotic power of music, through a unique combination of ultra deep synthesized atmospheres, and strong groovy electronic drums patterns. This gave my music its particular signature, made from spacey ambient flow alternating with progressive but immediately danceable sequences.

A 2nd album followed, still mainly electronic and trancey, but with touches of guitars and rock sounds, diversifying my musical perspectives and giving myself the freedom to explore larger sonic territtories.

Changes in life and relocalisation to new area gave me the opportunity to meet and work with various musicians and Djs, learning and capitalizing from those experiences : I composed two others albums under a new project name : Pulse Radar is now perceived as collection of neo-trance and progressive/deep tech tracks that have a strong sonic identity and a very solid mind-catching ability.

In 2012 I decided to have a break out of the studio, and spend one year living foreign. I chose Berlin, Germany, to experiment new environnement, refresh my head, and face the unique sound of the local music scene, which is perpetually renewing itself in this powerful city.

This experience gave me enough materials and ideas for a 5th techno album ("Neu-Köln Chronikles, still under the name of Pulse Radar).

As a result, in order to increase my artistic self-coherence, I felt the need to regroup my different productions under the same banner, and set up my own music label, Archimeme records.

"Archimeme Records" is today hosted by and is the place where you'll be able to listen, stream or download my music as full albums, or as individual tracks if you desire.

Two retrospective compilations were also added using alt. songs and remixes from my music archives (including old tapes, DAT, minidiscs, and even paper notes).

After having launched the first album for my final project, Ultreya, in 2016, I had the pleasure, and the possibility, to record and release an other chapter (the 7th) of this grand voyage in prog-electronic music, in 2017.

It's titled "Meta", and will for sure drive you to new sonic experiences, as long as you like jazz-tech, soul-house and electro-blues hybridations.

That's right, Ultreya is also my third alias, and this certainly means a new vision, a more mature and wiser project, giving me the freedom to create music without any barriers or any constraints, that must be the reason why I keep on enjoying playing...

Thank you, reader and listener, to be here. You re very welcome in my new Drooble life.


Benoit B.

Biarritz, France

Ultreya uploaded an album
4 months, 3 weeks ago
released by Archimeme records
# Song
01 Absolu Ultreya
02 Quartz (SexySaxo) Ultreya
03 Synchrone Ultreya
04 Meta Ultreya
05 Walk Ultreya
06 Intricate Ultreya
07 Tachyons Ultreya
08 Axe Ultreya
09 Rhizome Ultreya
10 Sense Ultreya
11 Symbiosis Ultreya
12 Quartz (Deeper edit) Ultreya
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Ultreya uploaded an album
4 months, 3 weeks ago
# Song
01 Quartz (SexySaxo). Ultreya
02 Synchrone. Ultreya
03 Meta. Ultreya
04 Walk. Ultreya

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