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Symphonic-Distribution uploaded an album
1 month, 1 week ago
# Song
01 Deep (feat. Toonz Muzic) Goldie & Toonz Muzic
02 Golden (feat. Toonz Muzic) Goldie & Toonz Muzic
03 No Way (feat. Toonz Muzic) Goldie & Toonz Muzic
04 Money And ETC Goldie
05 Heaven Goldie
06 Showtime Goldie
Haiku , U.F. Zu & 3 more released by Zu Religion
# Song
01 Blik The Real King Boo
02 D Wadee The Real King Boo
03 Turnt Up! The Real King Boo
04 No Flocking (Freestyle) The Real King Boo
05 Fake Niggass The Real King Boo
06 Lost In The Saucee (feat. U.F. Zu, Gloria The Model & Haiku) Haiku , U.F. Zu & 2 more
07 Lifee Zae Livin' Dream & The Real King Boo
08 Finest Things The Real King Boo
09 I Double Up The Real King Boo
10 Look At Me Now The Real King Boo
11 Lovee (feat. Zae Livin' Dream) Zae Livin' Dream & The Real King Boo
12 Tell Me (feat. U.F. Zu) U.F. Zu & The Real King Boo
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