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It's hard to write a bio without sounding weird. It's even weirder speaking in the third person. My ego isn't that hilarious, but it can't hurt to give it a try!

My name is Ariel.

I produce a number of things. I have done a number of projects. I love sharing, and love music so much. It's a goal of mine to constantly improve and make music that more and more people will come to appreciate and seek out.

I have been a DJ since 1992, when I was inspired to do so by a family member who was into electronic music. "This is Techno: Music without words!" he said. I was intrigued. So I started my journey. Fast forward to my punk days drumming, skateboarding, and secretly listening to all forms of electronic music (kids can be so mean when they don't understand something). I learned about Hardcore (Breakbeat Hardcore), and followed that frantic sound until it started evolving into Jungle/Drum and Bass. I was obsessed.

I collected records, tried to find like-minded people over the internet (which was harder in the 90's), and pushed to perfect my skills. Eventually, my friends caught on, and we all started playing together. We were ruthless when it came to feedback, but it made us that much better. We were untouchable when it came to mixing skill and that overall attitude that we added to the rave scene in Arizona.

I knew that soon I was going to have to start working on making my own music. I had been inspired by dusty VHS tapes of raves and documentaries from the UK, France, and Germany. I kept my finger on the pulse, and made a million friends along the way. I knew that I had to become a part of the movement one way or another. So I threw parties, played gigs, made connections, met my heroes, and pushed my craft further.

I was also incredibly fortunate to have participated greatly in the nightlife culture in Downtown Phoenix. I, along with a trusted few, threw parties, performed shows, collaborated with other artists, and helped put Phoenix on the map as a destination for art and music.

Now, I work on music. Self-taught, I end up learning every lesson the hard way. I try not to taint my art with many opinions, but accept feedback from everywhere that will give it to me. After all, it's all about the music, and how it touches people. To do that, you have to be genuine, and pour your heart into it first, and make sense of it as you go.

If I was to put labels, or descriptions about my material, I'd have to say that they come from my emotions first. The sound quality and the craftsmanship improve with each tune, but the heart is always there.

I perfer the beautiful, the dark, the heavy, the grand, and the sharp. Regardless of styles or genres... I tend to have a bit of agressiveness in my sound, even when it's a delicate piece. I owe that to being a Junglist, first and foremost.

Music is a different journey for everyone, and mine is underway.

California/Arizona, United States

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01 Solédad The Ariel
02 Light Through The Trees The Ariel
03 Ariel - Dusk on 5th The Ariel
04 Noche The Ariel
05 Here Before The Ariel
06 35thousandfeet The Ariel
07 Fields In The Key Of 808 The Ariel
08 "Voyds" The Ariel
09 Breach-[Live] The Ariel
10 Open Water The Ariel
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