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First time listener?? Stewmic plays each track only once!! So, You will find loads of music here - to start with I recommend the album "installations" - it is a very broad view on our work and includes some of our treasures! With time to listen I prefer "Austin nunc", "considerable flotsam" - if time is short: "signature tune" or more fierce: "in people report" and "hey - do"

Now the florid introduction of ourselves:

stewmic - three musicians, skilled with multistage experience found and started with pure experimental improvisation - nothing you will ever hear from stewmic will be played before, melodies, rhythms, tunes, beats, lines, words - every part is born in that very moment it is played or sung. so stewmic is the most unfiltered music, a living process.
since 2006 stewmic plays roughout - thats what we call it, when we meet, play and record. in april 2017 we released our album nr. 114!
if this tiny selection of tracks has made you curious look for - there you find links to other pages with loads of stewmic!!
stewmic is:
mic ditteney - guitars, basses
steff schurke - drums, vocals, flutes
wolf waschow - synthesizers, piano

Freiburg, Germany

Stewmic uploaded an album
1 year, 1 month ago
# Song
01 1.01 The Little Old Box Stewmic
02 2.01 night driver dense Stewmic
03 2.02 Ontherun Stewmic
04 2.03 dancefloor unit one Stewmic
Stewmic uploaded an album
1 year, 1 month ago
# Song
01 2.01 Sync Stewmic
02 2.03 Arkanoidum Stewmic
03 Let it flow Stewmic
04 3.02 Open hidden doors Stewmic

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