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Tim Backer

Rock Classical composer; Beatley tradition.
Master of Music in composition; undergraduate at Wesleyan and Indiana Universities.
"It's been said that a superior poet must create the taste by which he is appreciated and I'm happily engaged in that development, creating an appreciation for Rock Classical music."
A trained composer (M. Mus.) and developing recordings artist, I've been writing and recording Rock Classical compositions since 1992, developing the branch of Classical music founded by The Beatles, infusing it with an astounding worldview drawn from study of Blake, Shakespeare, Beethoven and Milton. Unique-styled bold electric guitar complements complex sheetmusic-based Mac/ MIDI work.
The main effort went into the note-writing and formal structuring.

The project I'm advancing for the audiences occupied me from 1995-2015 and consists of over fifty recordings. The first major release is THE SUBTLE DAWN. Also posted on http://ORFIUM.COM are thirteen samples of my electric guitar musings over the last year, done hanging out at home in lieu of a public career.

"I craft original do-it-yourself home studio visionary recordings based on intricate composition techniques-- learned while earning a Master of Music degree (M.Mus.) from Indiana University--featuring somewhat mystical lyric poetry and “dynamically rudimentary” electric guitar as well as imaginative synthesis. I'm a university-trained pianist and string bassist and a fairly-inventive MIDI programmer with a fair amount of experience creating improvisational electronic music and growing experience as an electric guitar improvisationist.
"One goal of my compositions is to re-express and develop the mysterious Source best revealed in the popular traditions by Jimi Hendrix. Since I am not as proficient at electric guitar as Hendrix, nor as inventive, I compensate through the much more developed structure and intellectualism of my poetry. The peculiar strength of Hendrix' phrasing is unmatchable, so I took the time to learn advanced harmonic structuring and a more rigorous approach to note-choice. While Hendrix' counterpoint is blues-based, my counterpoint is much more intricate in its mathematics which are based on Renaissance models.
"My poetry grounds itself in the Blakean intersections of History, the Imagination, and what I've called here the Source."

South Bend, United States of America

Tim Backer uploaded an album
5 months, 3 weeks ago
released by BackWords Recordings, An Independent Culture Production House
# Song
01 College In A Nutshell Tim Backer
02 Peace For Now (95-96) Tim Backer
03 Got That Way Tim Backer
04 Illuminations Tim Backer
05 Walking Past, part one Tim Backer
06 New World Laughing I Tim Backer
07 New World Laughing II Tim Backer
08 New World Laughing III Tim Backer
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Tim Backer uploaded an album
7 months, 1 week ago
released by BackWords Recordings, An Independent Culture Production House
# Song
01 Impromptu 1 Tim Backer
02 Impromptu 2 Tim Backer
03 Impromptu 3 Tim Backer
04 Impromptu 4 Tim Backer
05 Impromptu 5 Tim Backer
06 Impromptu 6 Tim Backer
07 Impromptu 7 Tim Backer
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