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Redlight Records is a 24 track digital recording studio with analog authenticity and underground credibility. With its intimate tracking room, Redlight Studios is perfect for singer/songwriters, small bands, or rap/remix artists. You'll get your project done quicker, cheaper, and with tons more quality than anyplace around.

Macomb, Il, USA

Pleased to upload the latest collection of tracks from The Stone Giants - a rock band from Springfield Illinois. Recorded at Redlight Studios and mixed and mastered by John Shepherd.

Redlight Records uploaded an album
1 year, 6 months ago
# Song
01 01 Not Afraid of Heights Redlight Records
02 02 Sometimes Bad Things Happen to Good People Redlight Records
03 03 Promise to Burn Redlight Records
04 04 She's Crippled Inside Redlight Records
05 05 Hey Sister Redlight Records
06 06 Float Me a Loan Redlight Records
07 07 Hate to See You Like This Redlight Records
08 08 The Interminable Chronicles of a Ne'er-Do-Well Redlight Records
09 09 Better Off Redlight Records
10 10 We'll See it Through Redlight Records
11 11 It Only Hurts When I Smile Redlight Records
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