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Gianna Greco (I) : bass, vox, effects, computer, electronics
François R. Cambuzat (F) : guitars, vox, computer, electronics

The P*T*N CLUB is not belonging to any Church (rock, techno, jazz, avant, or what the fuckever) but can be all of this. And we proved it, from Mexico City to Beijing.

The P*T*N CLUB is a resistance unit, distinguished by a way of action near to the very first European partisans conspiracies during the last world-war (strength actions in diverse places) and resistants in Iraq, Afghanistan or Chechnya.

The resistance is organized with the archaic and immediate ways of our century : voices & electrical rumors, military tank & counted words, as to say from the fresco painting to the most daring conceptualism, from avant-rock to modern contemporary music to the most brutal techno/house, from the mouth kiss to the kick in the ass, and so on...

The places of action are plural: from the Paris art-gallery to the Bosnian squat, from the German museum to a Japanese club, from a Belgian theatre to the most mythological portuguese festival.

Two beasts on the road. Vox, guitars, bass & computer, industrial, techno/dubstep, electricity & sauvagerie - as if Skrillex was raping the Birthday Party : groove and high-voltage.

With an average of more than 200 concerts a year, 1000 concerts since its creation, in Europe, Africa and Asia as well as part of numerous festivals as Bazant Pohoda ( SK), Tomorrow Fest (Shenzhen, RPC), Milhoes ( PT), Croisements festival (Beijing, RPC), Amplifest (PT), the P*T*N CLUB is iconoclastic, violent, groovy and and resolutely feminist-revolutionary. Trance, Dance and Defiance.


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