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1 year, 3 months ago
# Song
01 Space Kitten Elegy NateLimbaugh
02 The Great Expanse NateLimbaugh
03 The Battle of Foggy Fortress NateLimbaugh
04 Shroomland Rhapsody NateLimbaugh
05 Frosty Fields NateLimbaugh
06 Starburst City NateLimbaugh
07 Shadow Shogun Showdown NateLimbaugh
08 Distress Signal NateLimbaugh
09 Captain's Log NateLimbaugh
10 The Dance of Dead Man's Desert NateLimbaugh
11 Black Hole Brawl NateLimbaugh
12 The Legend of a Hero NateLimbaugh
13 Gentry Gentry Gentry (Bonus Song) NateLimbaugh
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