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Hypergate Records is a electronic music label and our aim is to release quality and innovative psychedelic music!!! Expect from us stunning releases, filled with magic and energetic power!!! Each portal activation is designed for an unique and special journey originating outstanding cosmic sinewaves.

Our mission consists in taking the listener through the music so space and time travel is activated tasting flavoured intergalactic cookies in our releases. We will drive you through both uncharted lands and visits to well known galaxies. Such as plasma, we will provide you regularly stereomedia GEMS´s, generating the 13 moons most supreme waves.

Porto, Portugal

# Song
01 Karmacrop - Time Travel Hypergate Records
02 Alienn vs Brainwash - Cooking Is Art - Vibers Remix Hypergate Records
03 Stereopanic - Dirty mind Hypergate Records
04 Bunker Jack - Dejavoo Hypergate Records
05 Tryon vs Symetric - Just Robotics Hypergate Records
06 Spector vs Neurotronik - Meet the fear Hypergate Records
# Song
01 Alienn vs Brainwash - Cooking Is Art - Vibers Remix Hypergate Records
02 Alienn - Another Trip - Sidhartha Remix Hypergate Records
03 Alienn - Different Reality - Menticide Remix Hypergate Records

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