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Furcatt was born in Washington, D.C. and grew up in the metropolitan area with deep roots in the state of South Carolina. He began producing, writing, and recording his own music while in high school with the underground rock group Lake Chad. He has release two critically acclaimed albums, "Smack Rap" and "Smack Rap II: Garnett & Black" both which received universal critical acclaim. He has since released "Form Of Flattery" and "Curiosity Kills." He has produced and written numerous songs for multiple independent to highly decorated artists and MC's. He produces various musical genres spanning from hip-hop to dubstep. He is currently a signed member of Indie Love Enterprise Label which is based in Washington D.C. He has been under the direction of his manager, Tef-Dad since 2012. Furcatt creates music for the love of the art and is open to anyone seeking collaboration.

Much Love,


Washington, D.C., United States

Furcatt uploaded an album
3 months, 2 weeks ago
# Song
01 Introduction - (2Pac) Furcatt
02 Nigerian Fur - (Lil' Wayne) Furcatt
03 Sign Language -(Lil' Jon) Furcatt
04 Another Brick - (Drake) Furcatt
05 Thick - (Big L, OC, & A.G.) Furcatt
06 (Spin Me) Right Round Hoes - (Ludacris) Furcatt
07 Dirt - (Jay-Z) Furcatt
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