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Ephedrina Netlabel is a safe place where you can send any kind of vibes you want, then we listen them, we spread them and we see what happens.
We Love Creative Commons License.
We do not like the exalted persons

Rome, Italy

EphedrinaNetlabel uploaded an album
3 weeks, 6 days ago
# Song
01 01_CRPTC - Jumping haze EphedrinaNetlabel
02 02_CRPTC - Landscapes textures EphedrinaNetlabel
03 03_CRPTC - Don't Hate Me EphedrinaNetlabel
04 04_CRIPTURE (crptc structure) - Lullaby EphedrinaNetlabel
EphedrinaNetlabel uploaded an album
2 months, 2 weeks ago
# Song
01 01_LSD - Allahricerca (E' tutto imperfetto in questo imperfetto mondo) EphedrinaNetlabel
02 02_LSD - No Tec No! EphedrinaNetlabel
03 03_LSD - Smells like Von Tina EphedrinaNetlabel
04 04_LSD - Webend EphedrinaNetlabel

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