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9 months, 1 week ago
# Song
01 Floating DoctorBob
02 Melancholoy viii DoctorBob
03 Reflective Mood DoctorBob
04 Vintage Noise on Filter Drive DoctorBob
05 Space Bubbles DoctorBob
06 Sleep on Philae DoctorBob
DoctorBob made a post
9 months, 1 week ago

Hope you like these tracks. All made using one synth at a time - only sounds from that synth, and also only free 3rd party effects. Sounds designed by me, fo rbetter or worse. The idea of the One Synth Challenge is that you have ONE month to create a track using the FREE synth of the month. Some are better at certain sounds than others. I try to match the capabilities of the synth to the composition, instrumentation etc. PLease enjoy and spread the word if you feel you can. Thanks. dB.

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