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Dime Beez, born in Philadelphia pa. Nov. 16.1987.Dime Beez began his music climb as a young child performing talent shows and singing. At the age of 10, Dime found compassion for the art of writing. As time passed, Dime Beez transformed his writing into the rhythm of sound and placed it into his desired genre hip hop. When Dime Beez reached the age of 14, began rhyming and joining cyphers. It was at the age of 18, when Dime Beez realized that sincerity was seriously needed if he was going to put all of his time and effort into music along with building an image for himself. The creation of his first mixtape "Any Beat New Flow" was the beginning of performances which helped to promote Dime as an upcoming artist and sales of his CD to close friends, family and more. The first project did not reach the desired success as hoped for but Dime Beez did not give up. Dime Beez began to resurface in 2012. Dime was working with an Indie group named ‘’Gx3’’found in New York City. Although Dime Beez was known and accepted as a writer he was able to redefine himself as a hip hop artist when he was rediscovered for his multiple talents by " Gary Gretterson" ,(engineer, producer and artist) founder of "GX3." Garry Gretterson had great belief in Dime Beez as a person and an artist. Gretterson introduced Dime Beez to a deeper knowledge of becoming a great artist bringing forth the skills and talents in which Dime Beez possessed with enhancing qualities on a daily basis. This dynamic team was able to successfully introduce to society a new mixtape CD called ‘‘Thoughts in Progress.’’ Dime Beez began performing once again, a few selections from that project were introduced through videos, podcasts and radio interviews. In 2013, Dime Beez learned of legalities through the use of promoting music on YouTube. Dime thought his career was in danger of loss. In the year 2015 Dime Beez continued his journey in the city of Philadelphia PA. Dime began this journey with an entry into a lyrics competition in which perseverance landed him in the top five position on the charts of new artists with SonyCradleRecords. In 2016, SonyCradleRecords offered Dime Beez a single distribution deal releasing a single called ‘’Tumbled Up." Dime Beez began touring with the label performing and promoting the single.
Dime Beez has performed at many venues, talent shows and parties along with performing in front of major hip hop moguls. Dime Beez is currently working on a new project waiting to release called ‘’Thoughts Being Processed’’.
Although Dime Beez continues to strive becoming a successful music artist, his love for writing will always be number 1 in his heart.

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