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New age

New Age music is a genre of music used to inspire, heal, create, and relax. The largest audience of New Age music are those participating in yoga, meditation, massage, and other tranquil activities and lifestyles. Forms of acoustic music and electronic music make up new age music. The margins of New Age music are difficult to define and ever-changing. It can be described as one specific type of music by some or a “miscellaneous” section at a record store by others. As time goes on and music is created and performed, New Age music is expected to grow, transform, and define music of the future.

New Age has a large history of iconic influences spanning across their own genres of music. Initially, New Age music was generally only produced by independent record labels but has since become more popular. Appearing only in bookstores, coffee shops, and college campuses from its beginning, New Age music has since made a larger appearance and presence. New Age started off by word-of-mouth and one or two small radio stations and transformed to over 150 record labels releasing New Age music by the 1990’s.

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