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Jazz music originated in the late 19th century to the early 20th century. The genre is derived from African American communities and is sometimes considered a direct reflection of America itself. Jazz convention itself has been broken down and altered by subgenres of jazz such as avant-garde or free jazz. Perhaps one of the most emotive genres of music, jazz and its musicians have the ability to convey their current emotions while they play. Soul jazz, which incorporates elements of gospel, soul, and blues, is a specific example of this idea.

In jazz music, the phenomenon “way versus what,” or ‘the way a song is played versus what song is played,’ is wildly important to the core meaning of jazz. Improvisation is widely recognized as being derived from jazz music. This technique allows a musician to play off of a predetermined melody or tune based on what is “felt.” Improvised jazz is very much an “in-the-moment” practice, or lack thereof, of jazz music. It is often believed that “good jazz music” will differ every time. A lack of variation means a lack of improvisation in jazz music and a lack of improvisation questions the ability of the music at hand.

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