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Folk music has many different meanings, including musical tradition of a culture. The original meaning of folk music was substitutable with “traditional music” but most popularly in the U.S., now found itself referring to the American folk music revival.

Folk music, in its present day meaning, borrows elements from blues, rock, and acoustic genres. Many folk artists and their music have created a name for themselves in the underground rock scene. Oftentimes, it is synonymous for “indie rock” or “indie music,” meaning, “independent.” However, in recent years, folk music has become quite popular, moving away from the underground and “indie”scenes.

Most folk music features soft acoustic strings such as guitar and bass, tambourine, and soft, soulful vocals. Popular artists such as Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros features multiple members of the group (almost tripling a “normal” group’s number) playing simple yet driving and soulful bars.

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