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Film and tv

Film scores are pieces of music written specifically to support and accompany films. Oftentimes, a film score will be written after the movie has been shot and before being cut and edited. However, it’s not uncommon for directors and composers to work together as the film is being shot to compose and record the music. Because they become attributed to the film they originated from, film scores often become popular. Great music of the 20th century comes to us from film scores and have bettered many a film exponentially. Film scores’ purpose is to evoke emotion and to tell an audience how to feel. It’s not often one finds a film without a score, however, musicless films do exist.

Film soundtracks, although similar to film scores, are typically pre-recorded tracks synthesized into a tracklist to accompany a film or used throughout a film. Just like film scores, individual tracks of the soundtrack are laced within a film’s shots to accompany the premise and story at hand. Film soundtracks can have popular, current, and recognizable top hits or barely recognizable tracks. Regardless of the popularity of the tracks themselves, track selection without film soundtracks are carefully meditated by the film’s music supervisor.

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