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Country music is a genre of music that originated in southern United States in the 1920’s. Country music is deep rooted in blues, blues rock, and early folk music. Country music is oftentimes performed by rock instruments such as guitar, bass, and drums but also utilizes the unique sound of string instruments like banjo and violin, or “fiddle.”

Dancey tunes and ballads make up most of recognizable country music but this genre of music has evolved into quite a popular genre today. Unlike most genres of today, country music is more concentrated in prevalent in certain areas of the country, most obviously the south. However, country has gained popularity in all parts of the country and has developed its own culture.

Large concerts, music festivals, and even music awards programs have developed because of country music and its culture. There are even television networks centered strictly around country music. As it evolves, it is becoming more and more “poppy” and Top 40’s-centered.

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