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Christian and worship music are genres of music that express beliefs within the Christian religion. Christian music encompasses a wide variety of genres, especially depending on the region of origin. Christian rock, or contemporary worship, is presumably the most popular genre of Christian music in the U.S. American Christians have embraced the “megachurch” or churches that generally hold 2,000 or more attendees in one weekend. These churches most notably have contemporary Christian rock bands that perform for weekend masses. Many popular bands in America’s pop culture have identified as “christian rock” or “contemporary rock.”

Christian or worship music also includes the music performed during church services. Large choirs accompanied by organs, pianos, and the entire congregation are traditional in church services. However, some denominations of Christianity, such as Primitive Baptists or Churches of Christ, participate in a cappella worship, or the lack of instrumental accompaniment. This is primarily because they are not mentioned in the New Testament. Instrumental accompaniment is most popular in western Christianity services. Strictly instrumental music has also been written for the worship of Christianity. Among this music, organ music is most popular and dates back to the Baroque period. Among Christian rock and worship music, Christian music generates many subgenres including spiritual music, soaking music, and gospel music.

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