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Blues is a genre of music that originated from the African-American community of the deep south. Blues started around the end of the 19th century from African-American work songs and spiritual pieces. It can often be found incorporated in many other genres of music such as jazz or bluegrass as its soulful twang is not easily escapable. Typical instruments used in blues structure are saxophones, guitars, pianos, and even harmonicas. Many of blues music’s sub-genres often use these instruments amongst many others to convey the soulful whine that is blues.

The call-and-response pattern of blues music is often found in gospel music and is easily anticipated by the time a listener hears the first “call.” As blues progressed, its lyrical structure became more complex but in its origins and early years, a single line repeated four times followed an AAB pattern. Oftentimes, a typical blues song consists of the same chord progression played over and over again with a loose narrative over the top from the musician, typically discussing his or her woes. Towards the end of this narrative, a large build up of the same progression ends and an improvised solo of a single instrument will take place.

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