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Find free music by category, genre, mood, and instrument. Orfium has tons of free tracks, albums, playlists, and even live sets and DJ mixes. You can create your own playlists, repost, download, and share your favorite music with friends. Orfium is a global community of artists, tastemakers, and music lovers that encompasses all genres so you are sure to find plenty to like. You can also find creative commons music too that you are free to download and use for just about any purpose. All music on Orfium is high quality with a minimum bitrate of 320kbps and available in many formats including MP3, so you can be sure it sounds great on any sound system.

Talented artists who want you to listen and enjoy their music for free

While some artists choose the sell their music on Orfium, many more choose to make their music available for free. In some cases you have to follow the artist’s profile to gain access to the free downloads and then you’ll also get updates in your home feed whenever they release new music. You can also follow your friends, share playlists, and together discover new, popular, and free music.

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Many ways to find just the music you want to hear

If you are only looking for free music that you can download then you can use the advanced search feature to find only music with the free download policy. You can even find entire albums that you can download for free. You can also combine search filters to find very specific genres and subgenres of free music that you can download. The best music of the week, month, and year can be found on the top charts right on the home page. As you use Orfium and we start to better understand your tastes, we will even find and personally recommend music to you that we are sure you will love. You’ll quickly find that no other music website on the internet is as feature-rich as Orfium and it’s only a matter of time before the rest of the world realizes it too.

Stream music right from Orfium’s free music player or download and listen offline

Orfium has a built in free music player that allows you to quickly queue up great tracks and saved playlists. Once you find music you really like, just click the free download button to save the audio file for offline listening. You can stream or listen offline from your desktop, laptop, tablet, phone and transfer your music to any device.

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Free music downloads under the Creative Commons license

Creative Commons music can be used in YouTube videos, school projects, creative works, and often even commercially and in derivative works. Artists can choose to release under any of the major types of creative commons licenses including commercial and non-commercial options, derivative and no-derivative options, as well as share-alike licenses. Artists can also license their music royalty free for an upfront fee through our micro-licensing library.

Embed music on your personal website for free

You can embed music from Orfium right on your personal website without any need to install anything. Just find music you like, click the share button, and then copy and paste the embed code onto your page. Orfium will automatically provide the audio player while you sit back and let your visitors enjoy.

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